CALL 1: My name is Porsche

porsche_pic_smAfter dozens of calls to work, home and cell phone I pressed 1 to speak to a representative. Here’s what happened:

I got through to someone who called herself Porsche from Warranty solutions
She asked me if I’d like to extend my warranty
I said I don’t have a car
She said ok, we can take you off our list
I said, I want to know how I ended up on the list
She said they get the list from major manufacturers,
I said I don’t have a car, have never owned a car, have never attempted to buy a car
She said they get the list from major manufacturers, but sometimes they get numbers in error, hundreds of them
I said I’d like to speak to a supervisor
She said “I am the supervisor”
I questioned that
I said who pays you
She said she does
I said “you work for yourself?”
She said yes
I said who are all those people in the background?
She said other operators in a transfer center in Georgia
I said, do they all work for themselves?
She said yes
I said I’d like to know who pays her and all the other people
She said that’s personal, would I like it if she asked me that?
I said I’m not the one calling to sell something and I wanted to know how they got my number
She said from the major manufacturer list
I reminded her I don’t have a car
She said we try to sell warranties if your warranty is expiring
I said, who is this “we”
She said, me and all the people in the background
I said I really want to know who pays them
She said she had been on the phone for 7 minutes and was going to end the call
I said, please bear with me.
She hung up.

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One Comment on “CALL 1: My name is Porsche”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Im so happy that this company got sued. At least 2-5 times a week i get these phone calls on your factory warrnty vehicle has expired thing. I must have about 10 differnt phone numbers leading to the same company. The problem is im only 15 and i dont have a car yet. They call me while im in school, in the middle of the night, anytime. Once, i talked to a represenative and i was fed up with the calls i asked them where they got my number from and the guy paused and said the boogyman. I said so the boogyman company is calling me and he said yes. My friends and parents were laughing. im not kidding about it.

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