CALL 2: What’s the model?

car_wreckAfter my last experience, I thought maybe they’d take me off the list. But no. 2 days later I get the same lady speaking in the same urgent tones telling me I only have one more chance to renew the warranty on my vehicle.

I press 1 again and get through to a representative. This time it’s a guy and he has an Indian accent:

HIM: Do you want to renew your warranty?
ME: I’d love to.
HIM: What model is your car?
ME: I don’t actually have a car. Does that matter?
HIM: What model is your car?
ME: I don’t actually have a car. But I might buy one.
HIM: What year is the car?
ME: I don’t have it yet.
HIM: What year is your Dodge car?
ME: I don’t actually have a car. But what if I want to extend the warrant on my friend’s car?
HIM: What year, sir?
ME: Can I ask you where you are?
HIM: What year is your Dodge?
ME: I don’t have a Dodge. Can you tell me where you guys are?
HIM: hangs up.

So I didn’t get as far as last time. And this guy didn’t even want to tell me his name (unlike “Porshe” who I spoke to last time – next time I might say I want to speak to Ferarri.)

Based on the comments, and the reaction from anyone who I mention these calls to, this is a pretty widespread scheme. I’m going to try calling the AG’s office and maybe the FTC.

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One Comment on “CALL 2: What’s the model?”

  1. jenn hsu Says:

    i’m so glad you created this blog!

    the first time i was hit with one of these calls, i was in a marriott hotel in harrisburg, pennsylvania. i’ll never forget the call because i was feeling very disoriented in harrisburg, under deadline to finish something for work, and when i answered, i really believed that my warranty had expired and that this was a good opportunity to renew it. i pressed ‘1’ happily. i really wanted to know how they got my phone number and the guy said that my manufacturer had provided them with it. huh, curious because i bought my volkswagen maybe 6 years ago so they really wouldn’t know my new phone number… so i helped him out and said that it was probably my car insurance that gave them my number. he agreed.

    i started to feel skeptical and asked where he was calling from. ‘i cannot disclose this.’ i asked again and that’s when he hung up. i tried calling the number back but it didn’t go through.

    since then, i’ve received calls from these guys on both my cellphone and my work line, almost daily.

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