Feds sue robocall companies

NY Senator Charles Schumer was talking about the calls at the weekend. And now it looks like federal prosecutors are stepping in. This from the AP:

Federal regulators are close to filing lawsuits against companies believed to be behind a national wave of spam “robocalls” warning people that their auto warranties are about to expire and they need to sign up for new service plans.

Schumer says the message “Your Car Warranty Has Expired” already has brought some 300,000 complaints nationwide.

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3 Comments on “Feds sue robocall companies”

  1. anthony tedesco Says:

    The national warrantee service center has been spam calling for about 1 year. The last encounter, I pushed 1 to talk to someone in the hope that I could remove my number from the list. Didn’t help. The person on the other end was very rude.

  2. Mel Says:


    I’m tired of getting these calls on my cell phone. They even leave a message! If you can get to a person, they hang up before you can finish telling them to remove you from their list.

    They are annoyances and crooks, and deserve to be fined or be put in jail. If the call center is in India, we should restrict trade with them until they stop.

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