The phone rings, the voice says: This is the seond notice that the factory warranty on your vehicle is about to expire. It’s not too late to renew.

Could be just your standard telemarketing call except everyone seems to be getting the same one. And it’s not just your home phone. It’s your cell, your work. What’s going on? This blog was set up to report experiences people have with this call, namely mine, but also anyone else who decided to do something more than just hang up in the full knowledge that the call will happen again.


3 Comments on “About”

  1. […] Factory Warranty Is About to Expire … Kudos to Jim C. for spearheading the effort to find out who is behind the massive robocall telemarketing scourge […]

  2. JiSuLi Says:

    This is fabulous. I’m glad some one is doing something about this. Seems like you should rally the troops on twitter as well. Searching for “call warranty call” results in many tweets.

  3. lulu Says:

    I have filed a complaint about these calls with an agent named Jason at the New Jersey FBI. The number there is 973.792.3000. Please call and give him the phone numbers, times of calls and any other information that you have about the calls, so that the FBI can build a national case against these companies.

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